More efficent
Smooth Finish
Kit insulation is 30% lighter than
traditional fibreglass insulation due
to there being less wood in it's

Less wood means more payload in
your new fridge van.
Kit insulation is 30% more efficent
than traditional fibreglass insulation,
this is achived by having more
insulation and less wood.

Quicker recovery between deliveries.
Kit insulation has a smooth
GRP finish which is both
very easy to clean and
because of its woven GRP
finish it is very strong and durable.
Tough Durable Finish
Fibreglass can be highly customed
to suit your needs. We would
recommend this insulation on Milk
and Fish delivery vehicles as well
as non refrigerated vehicles so they
can be machine washed.
Insulation, Timber,
Fibreglass and gel coating,
this insulation is tried and tested
for decades, works great
for chill application vehicles.
Roof Recess:
Lips And Drains (Fish Or Milk):
Pods On Back Doors:
Fixed / Removable Bulkhead Wall:
Cargo Rail For Load Locking:
Pallet Strips:
Polar Curtains:
Full Chequred Plated Floor:
LED Lights:
Spring Loading Poles:
Lightweight freezer kit insulation or fibreglass insulation
Along with our fibreglass and lightweight kit insulation we can offer you a
number of insulation extras to enhance your refrigeration conversion.
Please click on any of the items below to find out more.
Tight on roof space, recess the
fridge unit into the roof. Ideal for
some underground parking lots
and taking the worry away from
low bridges.
Load a lot of pallets?, this is the
extra for you, metal strips on the
floor so pallets can glide and not
damage your insulated floor.
This option is for the trades that
need to powerwash their vehicles
on a regular bases. The drains
help remove the water quickly
and the lips keep the water from
getting into areas you want to
keep clear during the day.
Neoprene polar curtains are ideal
when you are running very low
temperatures and have a lot of
door openings through a day.
All our fitted neoprene curtains can
be removed with ease when not
Mainly for freezer fridge vans
door pods are ideal to bulk up the
insulation on the rear doors of
your fridge van.
This is the ultimate floor care for
your fridge van, cut to size and
bonded to the floor ideal for
heavy pallet use.
Need to split loads and have
flexability? This wall is a must for
your new fridge  van. Chill and
freezer applications in one
fridge van.
Our LED lights are temperatre
proof and waterproof, along with
great luminance give your load
area extra brightness for the
winter months.
Keep the cargo area secure with
cargo rail, this can be fitted to
both fibreglass and light weight
kit insulation.
Along with cargo rail loading poles
are ideal for locking cargo into
position without damaging your
Custom Aluminium Shelving Custom Aluminium Shelving Fibreglass with fixed and folding shelves Fibreglass with fixed and folding shelves Full chequred plate floor Moveable Wall
Grit Floor Two Custom Shelving Layouts LED Lighting Lips And Drains Lips And Drains Mercedes Vito Custom Fibreglass Shelving
Pallet strips for floor protection Moveable Wall Rear Door Pod Shelving And Chequred Plate Roof Recess To Save Height Wall Protection
Remember we can give you the configeration you need
for your fridge van, contact us today and give us any ideas
you have and we will do our very best to make it happen.
You have and idea for your new refrigerated vehicle?
One of the more important things to get right
on your new refrigerated vehicle is the insulation.

Making the most of your fridge van load area is
very important, adding shelving or pallet strips etc
can increase stock levels and prolong the long
gevity of your fridge van insulation.

Fridgevan4u are here to guide you though
every step of the process.
Fibreglass insulation is primarally
used for chill applcation vehicles.

Tried tested and proven over the
years fibreglass insulation is a cost
effective insulation that delivers.
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